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Initial Print

Firstly, click file menu to select example, and then choose the 20mm option to test the effects of printing. When finished, this picture pops up.












When this interface appears, click Move option, and then click Center and Placing Platform button, so that the sample will be printed in the center.
















After clicking the two buttons, click G Code Generation option, a Generation G Code dialog box pops up. Parameters should be set according to the data setting in the picture, as shown below:


















Click G Code Generation, the following picture appears. After G code is generated, the temperature of the bottom plate should be changed, please check the following picture for modification. Firstly click G code in red box, and then change M109 S110 T1 to M109 S115.




















After modifying, click the File menu to save this sample, and click this button                       to build the sample.


At this point, the initial print is over.