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Was sagen unsere Kunden?

Foto 13.3

I bought a Flashforge Creator Pro 8 years ago, the filament odometer just passed 26 Km And its 98% all original parts... This Foto 13.3 Machine is another very nice 3d Printer. Well built and easy to use.. Thank you

Adventurer 4

I love the printer. I just bought another for my son via Amazon (David Koch) and I think I have my friend Jack Jones from Chicago, IL USA talked into buying one in the next month.

Proxima 6.0

"great printer for hobbyist. prints nicely, smooth finishing surface."
The printer arrived well packed. This is a great printer for hobbyist. Once setup properly, it prints nicely, with very smooth finishing surface. It repeat nicely as well. To setup it up properly, you have to follow the setup manual exactly, the holding screws for the holder have to be tighten properly.

Adventurer 3

"Very easy to set up. I had it printing within 10 minutes."
Very pleased with my machine. This is my very first escapade into 3D printing and this machine is very easy to use. It is very easy to set up straight out of the box. I had it printing the sample box within 10 minutes. The filament is fantastic from Flashforge also. All in all a brilliant machine.

Adventurer 3

"Really good printer. Quick heat up times and no smells no sounds."
Its a amazing printer coming from a Geeetech I3 pro B this is a really good printer. Sinds I got it setup (just a mesh bed leveling) it started printer sinds then it has not stopped! Its amazing, Im printing Abs and the hotend and heated bed are great! Really quick heat up times and no smells no sounds.